Who is Kishor Gangwar?

Who is Kishor Gangwar? Kishor Kumar Gangwar was born in 1992 in a city which is known as Bans-Bareilly. His full name is Kishor Kumar Gangwar and he was born on 25th Oct 1992. Do you know the reason why Bareilly is known as Bans-Bareilly? We all know that Bareilly is a production centre for cane (bans) furniture; the name is not derived from the bans market. Kishor was born in a place which is famous in the world of fashion designing for its  “Zari Zardozi”. The city is named after two princes who founded Bareilly in 1537: Bansaldev and Baraldev. Kishor did his schooling from MGM Inter College, Baheri. A place which is geographically located near the lower reaches of the Gaula River. Kishor does not refer to any one particular thing, so there is no means associated with it.


Kishor Gangwar Basic Details

Kishor was born into a traditional family in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. Kishor’s family has six members and all live together under one roof in Bareilly. There are various reasons why people choose living in a joint family and one of the most beautiful reasons is that everyone values family bonds. Kishor’s dad is a teacher who teaches children in a Inter College in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. Kishor opted for the Science stream after Class 10th and decided to pursue a Bachelor of Technology (BTech). He completed his BTech in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering from Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya in 2013. He also holds certification in Google Analytics and Google Adword which strengthens his core. 

Kishor Gangwar Careers Details

Kishor Kumar is an accomplished explorer, learner, Digital Marketer, Co-founder and content writer. He started his career in SEO in November 2013 as a SEO Team Lead at SysComm International. He was introduced to Social Media, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Webmaster Tool, WordPress etc. He ended his journey with SysComm International in November 2015 and moved to his next career adventure. His keen interest in learning and helping people made him found Sidcul – A company that helps folks find the right job. Sidcul was started in 2011 to bridge the gap between job seekers and providers. The USP of Sidcul was that it provided free resumes upload for college and university students.  

Kishor is known for creativity that is punctuated by untamed and powerful goals.  

Professional Life of Kishor Gangwar

The simple reason why businesses work out is that they know their business inside and out. And this was one of the prominent reasons why Kishor’s business -JobsinSidcul (finding the right people for the right jobs) worked out. Sidcul’s client list includes small and middle organizations that trust Sidcul and that they will best people. If the candidate has the right skills and experience, Sidcul MAKE IT HAPPEN. Kishor is also a freelance content writer. He is into writing for the past six years with expertise in digital marketing strategies for companies to better rank on SERPs. He has written over 200 articles/blogs for various clients in different niches. He has created, edited, and optimized 100+ pages of evergreen content to be better ranked on search engines.  

Moving to his next career adventure, Kishor joined Education I Connect as an SEO Head in Jan 2016. Education I Connect is an EdTech company. The website has content on Distance University, Distance Courses, Courses, University Admission, Fee Structure, IGNOU, and News. Kishor has been in digital media for more than 10 years. But he has always been inclined toward his entrepreneurship journey.  

In addition to his interest in Digital Marketing and Writing, Kishor is a savvy Businessman, having had various companies of his own.  

Business Activities

All his businesses are not just businesses, the back story is what everyone will be interested to know. Kishor’s ideology is to found a business that runs for a cause. He wants to be an enabler and catalyst who wants to become something like this and think out of the box. Kishor’s greatest interest lies in Travelling and he made his hobby into a career. And that’s when Travel Simplify was born. Kishor is a Co-founder of Travel Simplify – One-Stop Solution for Your Journey.  The latest findings of Kishor is Travel Simplify. Along with this, Kishor is SEO Head at Education Dunia. An EdTech company that provides high-end solutions to students regarding the admission process of various universities. Some of the responsibilities Kishor has as an SEO Head at Education Dunia are listed below. 

  • On-page optimization, AMP-friendly websites, Handling web hosting.  
  • Designing and developing websites on WordPress and other CMS platforms. 
  • Keyword planning and research, mapping and analysis. 
  • Meta tags, hyperlinks, and image optimizations.  

This was his professional life, let’s dive into his personal life. Kishor is a gym enthusiast and whenever he has the bandwidth he likes to spend his time during kickass workout sessions. He is an avid reader and his favorite niche is ‘Business’. Some of his most picked business books are Deep Work by Cal Newport, Start with Why by Simon Sinek, and many more. One of his greatest interests lies in internet surfing when done properly can do wonders. All the hard work that has been put in to become what he is now is something that Kishor is really proud of. What makes Kishor a successful entrepreneur? It’s nothing but his sheer dedication to his work, passion, and willingness to improvise and learn new things. An entrepreneur is a leader and guide and someone who listens more. And these all together make Kishor a prudent entrepreneur.  

Kishor has already decided what his short and long term goals should be. Planning is really important to avoid any chaotic experiences in the end. Brand recognition is something he is looking forward to conquering in the next few months. And if we talk about long-term adventures, his only aim is to Be A Successful Entrepreneur. As a person, his strengths include risk-taking, innovation, creativeness, delegation, grasping information and relationship-building.  

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